Basic Martial Arts Styles


The major challenge that you can get when selecting the best martial arts style to learn is you may not understand the basics easily thus making it hard to choose. If you decide to pick the technique because of influence from your favorite action movie without knowing anything about it, the chances are that you will not complete the class, and you will start shifting from one form of fighting method to another. To understand what you are getting yourself into, here are some of the essential practices that are involved.

1.    Striking and standing.
This is one of the most common styles known. This kind of technique normally entails being taught how to protect yourself by using kicks, blocking and punching. On the other hand, there are additional methods you will be shown, but you will not focus much on them. The most famous Styles include kickboxing, tae kwon do and karate.

2.    Takedowns and throws.
This approach will start while you are standing; however, the major concentration will be how you will bring your opponent down. This can only be accomplished by throwing and takedowns. To compliment the move, wrestling will also be incorporated to bring your challenger to the ground; even so, this will not be the major emphasize. The main fighting styles associated with this technique are judo and hapkido.

3.    Grappling or ground battles.
This method mainly focuses on what you are required to do once you put your enemy on the ground. This is accomplished by either gaining dominance or other restrictive stance; also, submission is used to triumph over your foe. Therefore, you will be required to figure a way in which you will put your opponent to the ground then grapple them to defeat them. A good example of this style is wrestling and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

4.    Meditation.
As more people are turning to these sporting activities as a way of ensuring one stays fit and improve your lifestyle, meditation has become an important part that is being practiced. The technique does not incorporate a lot of impact moves; however, a lot of emphasize is placed on inhalation, flexibility plus the divine aspect of it. The common methods associated with this are Chi Gong and the famous tai chi.

5.    Weapons.
Weaponry is generally part of the several fighting styles; however, this is not the major focus. On the other hand, there are certain techniques, which involve the use of them such as kali and kendo. Therefore, if you prefer learning how to do battle with weapons, then you can opt for the above-mentioned methods.
To make the optimum decision on the type technique you feel is best for you, it is vital to realize the kind of style that suits you this will ensure you enjoy yourself when you enroll in the sessions and complete the instruction classes to the end.

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